We, the schools’ Erasmus + club mainly consisting of pupils from form 8b, decided to organize a class event in the winter solstice theme for class 5e. We spent a lot of time preparing. We came to rehearse in between classes and after school, made decorations and even baked meat pies.


The event started with a small play and introduction to the theme. Then we split the class in two groups. The first group went to learn how to make traditional decorations called puzuri. The other group danced a traditional dance “Cūkas driķos” and played different games like ‘’Vecmāmiņ, nāc palīgā!”, ‘’Ādamam bij septiņ dēli” and ‘’Kas dārzā?”. When both groups were done with their tasks, they switched places.


At the end of the celebration we pulled a wood log around school to the fire pit. When we got there each person had to sit on the log for 10 seconds and think about the bad things they want to leave in the old year. Then we threw the log in the fire while shouting ‘’Hello, New Year!’’, as a way of burning all the bad things and thoughts.


Overall we think that the event was a success and some of the 5e class students also said that they found it fun and interesting. However, this was also a unique experience for us because we hadn’t planned and organized this type of an event before. That’s why we’re just happy that they had fun and enjoyed their time. We would definitely love to organize more such events.


Erasmus + club representative, Agate Grunte